Is to educate the masses about the actual truth. Not media hype to increase ratings. Discriminatory treatment of sex offenders should not be promoted or tolerated.
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Our Goal

Ending vigilante justice & general discrimination against sex offenders.

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The Facts

What percentage of convicted sex offenders reoffend?

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Actual accounts of legalized discrimination.

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Show others that you are educated and know the facts.

Sex Offender Shuffle Video:

See how convicted sex offenders are portrayed to the general public.

Protected Class?

What is a “protected class”?

In United States federal anti-discrimination law, a protected class is a group of people with a common characteristic who are legally protected from discrimination on the basis of that characteristic. The following characteristics are "protected" by federal law:
Federal protected classes include:
      Religion or creed.
      National origin or ancestry.
      Physical or mental disability.
      Veteran status.
      Genetic information.

Are sex offenders a protected class?

Not at all. It is 100% legal to discriminate agent them. Refuse jobs, housing, insurance, service, just about anything really!