General public’s treatment of sex offenders is discriminatory

I invite you to take part in a little social experiment. Apply for a random job, or just tell a random person that you are a registered sex offender and see what their reaction is. Society is scared of sex offenders (see off-site article). News media have led average citizens to believe that all sex offenders are mindless stalkers of children who are poised to grab your child at any moment! This can’t be further from the truth if the sex offender’s disorder has been diagnosed and s/he is in quality treatment.

Left unchecked we believe lots of mental disorders can have varying degrees of consequences on society.

Lack of mental health screening and diagnosis in our society is becoming an apparent problem.

Let’s look at a recent non-sex crime: “Two N.Y. police officers slain in apparent retribution attack by 28-year-old Ismaaiyl Abdula Brinsley“. This man Mr. Ismaaiyl Abdula Brinsley was completely unstable and even mentioned “putting wings on pigs” (killing cops) in an Instagram post. He ended up killing 3 people and shot his girlfriend in Baltimore just hours before. Then he turned his gun on himself on a nearby subway platform as cops closed in.

No Murderer Registry

Ok, so the state of Illinois has a Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry but Ismaaiyl Abdula Brinsley will not have to register now that he took his own life. The affect of this man’s actions on multiple families and victims is beyond belief.

Stop Discrimination and Start HELPING before people mentally break down.

I would much rather stop pointing the finger and blaming issues on people. I’d much rather see screenings at young ages to diagnose problems before people start shooting, raping, killing, molesting, drinking, doing methamphetamines/addictive behaviours. The list goes on! No one is perfect. Let’s start helping before we simply punish and discriminate.