US cellular/Next Generation wireless fires registered sex offender

I was told by the manager at Next Generation Wireless (a US Cellular dealership) that I was “one of the hardest working employees he has ever had”, and that he would love to keep me employed, but “this was out of his control.” He had been told by his boss to escort me to the door and let me go because of my past. On the application it asked if I was convicted of a crime within the past 7 years. I was NOT. I never lied on my job application. I even put on the application that I will discuss during the interview.

Why did this take place? I was turned in a by jealous coworker because I got the position that he wanted at another NGW store. He emailed my sex offender registration online profile to the higher ups… and I was gone. This is all “LEGAL” even if I was the hardest worker at that location.

My biggest mistake, and the one I will regret the most, still haunts me to this day.