Sex Offender Registry is the Modern Day Scarlet Letter

Maybe you have heard of the book The Scarlet Letter. It was one of the first mass-produced books in America. Its considered to be a masterpiece and one of the greatest American novels. It’s a tail about sin, guilt, and redemption. It’s currently at number 16 of the 100 best novels. The story takes place in the 17th-century town of Boston where a mistake forces her to wear a scarlet letter on her chest as a punishment.

Let’s fast forward a long time to 2015!  Where there is a MODERN DAY scarlet letter called a sex offender registry. This visible  scarlet letter isn’t secluded to a small Boston town for only locals to see embroidered on her chest. This public humiliation  is posted for the entire world to see on the “World Wide Web”. Entire countries can now discriminate against sex offenders and actually keep them out or revoke privileges to vacation there.

Humanity hasn’t progressed all that much. If anything, we have only gotten worse. And you would think that  this book being read so much by so many would actually help against discrimination. Like people would be smart enough to put A and B together and come up with the same conclusion after reading that book. Its ironic to me that people don’t.

Sex offender registration month(s) or face a violation and prison

This month is one of the 4 months per year that I have to go in and verify my information and register as a sex offender at a local sheriff’s office. They check for internet identifiers, temporary lodging, change in tattoos, phone number, passport, social security number, date of birth and lots more. Plus each year there is another $25 fee and the taking of an up-to-date photo that is posted on the internet for everyone world wide to see.

I always enjoy asking when a murder registration or DUI registry is going to start. I then say, “Isn’t discrimination interesting?” to the officer. He never does respond with any comment because even he knows what he is doing is discriminatory. He admits he is following the laws that are currently mandated by our judicial system.

My job is to slowly wake people up to this legalized discrimination that is called a sex offender registry! After all the recidivism rate for sex offenders is one of the lowest for all types of crimes.