Number of victims comparison: Methamphetamine dealer vs. Sex offender

I’m not going to compare level of crimes on this page. What I’m going to compare is the sheer number of victims, family members and other people affected by these two types of crimes.

Let’s say a low-level methamphetamine dealer sells drugs to only 100 clients in his career as a dealer (please see “a Drug Dealer” article for better figures that are much higher than this low estimate). Each direct victim the “client” of the methamphetamine dealer has 5 family members (2 parents, grand parents and a significant other and kids… I’m keeping the number low for a reason) VS. 1 direct victim of a sex offender and let’s say 10 family members (parents, grand parents, siblings… I’ve intentionally elevated this number) as victim numbers.

Let’s count the sheer number of victims between these two types of crimes. Let’s do the simple math: That is 500 victims for the methamphetamine dealer vs. 10 victims for the sex offender.

I’m not excusing the crimes of sex offenders even remotely. Either convicted methamphetamine dealers have to sign up to a meth dealer registry or the sex offender registry is discrimination. Our society can simply not have it both ways and be “just”.