Concerned citizen calls my boss (the business owner) to warm him that a sex offender is working at his company.

From reading some of my previous posts, you may know I’ve already lost a job by not being 100% transparent with a previous employer.  So I took a much different approach when applying for the current job I’m at. I came in and fully disclosed my past. He is far from happy about it (no one should be), but he respects me for disclosing it. I need to disclose to people like this at this stage of my life because I’m hoping to work for this man for years to come and I don’t want “bad blood” between us.

Even worse, I don’t want some random person calling up like this “concerned citizen” saying that did you know that you hired a sex offender?

Honestly, if I wasn’t so transparent about my past, I have a feeling I may have been shown the door that day. But maybe not, seeing that I’ve single handedly increased the company’s bottom line by a substantial amount. I luckily have a skill set that has been quite profitable for the owner, and I work for much less than a non convicted felon. Less than 1/3 – 1/5 in pay depending on the competition. But that is what a convicted sex offender has to do when you have a public registry for the entire world to see, scrutinize, and discriminate against. This will not stop until the public is educated, and potentially the public listing is removed.

I’m beyond thankful that I still have my job. The “concerned citizen” has no idea that the average employer would have terminated that employee.

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