Distinct disadvantage of having a unique last name on the sex offender registration

There is a distinct disadvantage of having a unique last names and being a registered sex offender. Google a name like John Smith and you’ll find results about an soldier/explorer plus lots of other results. None of them having to do with a registered sex offender. Google a unique name and suddenly the results are quite different. You’ll find them on the first page of SERP (search engine results page).

You manually have to type in “John Smith registered sex offender” to see results come up. Suddenly you are flooded with results from New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Florida and other states.

It’s hard enough to have this “Scarlet Letter” of a sex offense. I’m not trying to hide from my past. I think it would be a little easier to tell people about my offense than to prejudge me by googling me without getting to know who I am today.

One thought on “Distinct disadvantage of having a unique last name on the sex offender registration”

  1. Also, the fee that sheriff’s departments started charging to register, or to change from one jurisdiction to another (move from one county to the next county). Even though this fee was also found to not be punitive, its reason was not to help with any cost, expense to the sheriffs office of a registry. It is used to pay google on your listing in googles search engine to raise your listing up to more current listings. Other words, I was on the registry since 2010, but you had to go almost 17 pages in to find this obscure sex offender listing. Once the fee started being charged and i paid it. Bam, 1st page listing all over again!

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