Love Lost: Doctor believes in modern day class system

I was dating a doctor who’s name will not be mentioned. She and I were together before I was sentenced for my horrible and despicable crime/mistake that I committed. I went to prison, served my time and “paid my debt to society.” Once I was released, this minority female doctor and I rekindled our relationship and began to date again. It was a serious relationship and after time I purchased an engagement ring and popped the question of marriage.

This is when things became clear that my past was more of an issue to her then I originally realized. To have my past associated with her professional name became the elephant in the room. Long story short she admitted the issue caused our relationship to be terminated. Comments of “love doesn’t conquer all” were said by her. I come from a financially-stable family and all I can do is respect her wishes and move on. I understand that this being classified as a sex offender now is worse than just about anything else out there.

2 thoughts on “Love Lost: Doctor believes in modern day class system”

  1. Come on were you really surprised. Sex Offenders are supposed to be the scum of the earth. What parent would bring their sick or healthy child to a doctor who has a sex offender husband. A doctor is someone we ask and or expect to make sound judgments on our behalf as part of the doctor patient trust relationship. Remember that the doctor patient relationship is first last and always a very intimate trust relationship. The sex offender rips apart the trust relationship by use of skillful manipulation. How can you trust ANY doctor whose judgment is is so faulty that they willingly admit a lying cheating manipulative sex offender into their own personal space via marriage.

    Again I am not saying I’d have a problem with it but, I am talking about normal people who are afraid of damn near anything that is not perfectly normal. Trust me I am an autistic man. I have never ever done anything wrong sexually with anyone. I’m lucky in that may sexual urges have nothing to do with children and or hurting anyone. However as an autistic person I get discriminated against all the time. I can afford to trust a sex offender because; I’m strong and able to defend myself fairly well. However a parent protecting a child that is not able to defend itself will, must and should expect those who serve them to exercise extreme caution and err on the side of safety in all cases.

    Sex Offenders are not stupid. Sex Offenders know at the time of their offense that the sex offender registry is out there. Sex offenders know they will live at the bottom of the prison pecking order. Sex Offenders know they will be hated for the rest of time if released yet they “CHOOSE TO OFFEND!” How can one feel sorry for a sex offender when they hurt someone sexually and knew the consequences.

    1. You obviously have zero respect for sex offenders. Yet they are all around you. I’ve found that people like you are the most dangerous because they think they are perfect and have never done anything wrong.

      I’m shocked that you think that a registry is a deterrent for committing a crime. “Sex Offenders know at the time of their offense that the sex offender registry is out there.” Here is a question for you, does the death penalty deter crime? The answer is NO! In fact, if you do your research you’ll find that North Carolina’s murder rate has declined in the years since executions stopped!

      Thank you for your opinion!

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