Piano teacher drops pupil for being a registered sex offender

Piano keys close upI wanted to learn how to play the piano because it’s something that I’ve always wanted to learn, plus it’s a good productive outlet for me. So I signed up with a local pianist who teaches one-on-one lessons. Just a male teacher and a straight male adult student. During my first lesson I did mention that I was a convicted felon and left it at that.

A week later I was called by my piano teacher and was told that I will no longer be welcomed to learn piano at his home. He took it upon himself to not only look up my phone number, but also find out my full name and that I’m registered as a sex offender. During our phone conversation I asked him if he has ever done something that he regrets. Something that he wishes he never did or could take back. He admitted that he does… but still terminated our piano lessons together.

He went on to say that he teaches several small children. I asked him if he noticed what I did when the under-age pupil and mother came out of his home? I stayed in my car, waited until they walked over to his driveway and got into their car. I then proceeded to walk across his lawn, to his door where he was watching me. I do this as a registered sex offender all of the time for lots of reason, but mostly to make sure that NO ONE accuses me of anything. This is when he realized that I actually did this and that I was NOWHERE near his previous student and mother.

The ending was the same, I’m no longer his pupil/student.

2 thoughts on “Piano teacher drops pupil for being a registered sex offender”

  1. I understand why people don’t trust sex offenders. Let’s be real a sex offender is the most brutal of people with maybe the possible exception of murderers. A sex offender see’s their act as mere sex when it is not. A sex offender uses a persons trust to manipulate them into a compromising sexual situation that is used against them with force or mind games. When you destroy a persons ability to trust their fellow human being for the rest of their lives you have given them a life sentence in pure hell. You sex offenders have the nerve to suggest being placed on a registry is some how bad when the victim of your unwanted sex act and their families are ruined scared for life.

    No one should be forced to live with, teach or otherwise interact with a sex offender without their consent. Technically sex offenders don’t scare me to much. I’m willing to give a sex offender a chance within very tight rules. I’d hire a sex offender but not if I had kids anywhere near them. The piano teacher was right to ask you to leave if ypung folks also come to his home for lessons.

    Yes you were a good man you stayed in your car till the kid was safely in their car and on their way. You walked across the lawn to void even the slightest perception of wanting to be near a young one. However laws are not written for the individual. I can honestly say I never drink and drive but that does not mean all drunk driving laws should be repealed. I like you try to be a law biding citizen but laws are written not for you and me they are written to protect us from the sex offender who see’s that kid coming for piano lessons as a tempting target of opportunity. Parents and families with children will kill to protect them from harm. Asking sex offenders to be placed on a registry is better than having parents kill sex offenders when discovered.

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