Realtors’ treatment & discrimination toward sex offender

Discrimination by realtors
Discrimination by realtors

I was working with a local realtor. I found a house and put a bid in on it . It was rejected by the bank. During that time I also double checked with my PO that the location would be approved. I already made sure that it wasn’t close to schools or parks even though I’m not under restrictions. During this time I wasn’t passing polygraph tests. So I was told that I would not be allowed to leave their jurisdiction and move to that location. I suddenly had to back out of future deals with my realtor until I got  approval to leave. So to be fair I explained the situation to my realtor that I was a registered sex offender and we broke communication for some time.

Once I  passed  my polygraph test and received a go ahead  by the powers that be I called my realtor and asked him if he was still interested in working with me to find a home. He gave me a long spiel about how I  should have been forth-coming with my offense. Like I should wear my past mistakes on my chest like a scarlet letter!  I explained a previous realtor experience where I  received poor service and very odd treatment with chaperoned house hunting. What makes him think that I should be forth-coming with my most embarrassing moment and more importantly the biggest mistake of my entire life? Let’s hypothetically say this realtor had a previous DUI. Should he be forth-coming and tell me that before I started to look for homes with him?

In short, he is quite replaceable as a realtor. In fact, he has already been replaced.

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  1. In this situation, I think you’re past experience with the other REALTOR could have been avoided by telling them you aren’t going to hire them if they “chaperon” you. I’ve been a REALTOR in the past and I actually understand why this person got upset with you. It wasn’t necessarily that you were a sx offender, it was also that you were under supervision. You were in contract and had to back out. Anything that has a potential to cause that should be disclosed to your REALTOR. He basically just worked for you for free and nobody likes to work for free. Also, I’m not sure about your range restrictions in your state or HOAs, but housing presents different challenges for SOs and your REALTOR should have been informed. My gf and I are in the process of buying a house and my REALTOR is a friend of mine whom I had not revealed my offense yet. As soon as he became my REALTOR, I told him and he was fine with it. It actually helps him look out for range restriction violations on houses he may be looking at for us. This one is on you man

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