Sex offender registration month(s) or face a violation and prison

This month is one of the 4 months per year that I have to go in and verify my information and register as a sex offender at a local sheriff’s office. They check for internet identifiers, temporary lodging, change in tattoos, phone number, passport, social security number, date of birth and lots more. Plus each year there is another $25 fee and the taking of an up-to-date photo that is posted on the internet for everyone world wide to see.

I always enjoy asking when a murder registration or DUI registry is going to start. I then say, “Isn’t discrimination interesting?” to the officer. He never does respond with any comment because even he knows what he is doing is discriminatory. He admits he is following the laws that are currently mandated by our judicial system.

My job is to slowly wake people up to this legalized discrimination that is called a sex offender registry! After all the recidivism rate for sex offenders is one of the lowest for all types of crimes.

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